Online accounting can be used by any business and you can choose how much of it you would like to use. Unlike conventional packages where you have to buy the whole thing, you can add functions as and when you need them.


It is a very flexible and easy to use system and you can set permission levels so you choose who is able to see what.


There are no backup or data loss problems and you do not have to send discs through the post which avoids delay the risk of them being lost.


You pay by monthly licence fee so you do not have any large purchase costs and you can test it on a free trail basis to see if you like it.


On-line accounting is suitable for any size of business and means:-


  • No initial cost of software
  • Issue your sales invoices from the computer and send statements to your customers
  • You can work on your accounts from any location
  • If you have sales teams, branches, or a bookkeeper, they can use it as well
  • You can discuss your performance with us in real-time
  • We can help you with any entries you are uncertain about.
  • We can enter data onto your system as much or as little as you like.
  • Free support
  • Upgrades as you need them
  • No data transfer issues
  • Unlimited users